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Pipe Repair for Frozen Pipes or Sewer Lines

Reasons for Needing Expert Pipe Repair in Denver

Reasons for Needing Expert Pipe Repair in DenverIt’s good to have a local plumber’s number handy especially if it involves immediate pipe repair or replacement. Here at CCI Plumbing & Heating, we know that pipe repair to replace any frozen pipe or broken sewer lines can be very costly. Frozen pipes cost Denver homeowners and businesses millions of dollars each year.

Pipes are especially prone to bursting when the temperature dips below 32 degrees. To prevent this, have the furnace inspected and make sure it’s functioning properly on cold winter days. Leave the heat on or a faucet dripping in a prone area, even if you’re going to be away for several days. Walls in bathrooms and kitchens should be properly insulated. If you’re going away, leave the cabinet doors open in bathrooms and kitchens. The crawl space also needs proper insulation. If you have pipe bursts, call our plumbing experts at CCI Plumbing & Heating immediately. Then, turn off the main water valve. Burst pipes are caused by pressure building up in your system so always leave a trickle of water running, during cold weather. Sprinkler lines should be blown out in the fall as a precautionary measure as well.

It’s also important to have your sewer pipes and lines inspected regularly. Sewer pipe repair can also be costly if not checkout out from time to time. Plumbers have new technology that utilizes cameras to inspect lines, find the problem and make sewer line repairs in the same day. Tree roots are the main suspects when your sewer system goes haywire. These tree roots get into sewer lines and cause clogs which leads to pipe bursting. Grease buildup, a frozen yard or corrosion inside your pipes can also cause sewer damage. If you notice a sinkhole or foul order in the yard, there’s likely a problem with the sewer. Your entire sewer doesnt always have to be replaced, spot repairs are common and available.  So whether you own a home or are in a building that needs proper pipe repair done, inspection and regular maintenance is the key to avoiding these expensive repairs.

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